Saturday, May 22, 2021

A word from James.


Perhaps by now you have realized this blog is mostly composed of Videos of a variety of pundits.  

It is intended as a starting point for your own exploration and research.

I carefully select the best ideas and pundits but it is not about the pundits..its about the ideas.

I am not here to tell you WHAT to think.. But rather TO THINK!

There are so many in this movement that abuse it and use it for personal gain and although one could argue I too use this for personal gain they may be somewhat correct.. I do hope to gain ... when WE ALL GAIN!

Meanwhile my goal is to begin a FELLOWSHIP.. a FAMILY of we who have the WWG1WGA Vision.

I call it QUESTLIFE FELLOWHIP as we are all on a quest in this life.

Join me as we journey on it Together!

More to come!

James Kingsley

James Q Patriot



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