Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Electric Dreams movie (1984) - ;) qp

In Time

Ghislaine Maxwell Found GUILTY, Judge Orders Files on Epstein's Network ...

Chaffetz: Maxwell accomplices should be 'shaking in their boots'

Ghislaine Maxwell GUILTY in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case

Joe Biden GIVES UP. Admits "There's Nothing That Can Be Done", He Is Totally DEFEATED.

Media cries insurrection over 'Let's go, Brandon'

Social Credit Scores and Targeted Phone Advertisements

Karen ARRESTED BY FBI After Going CRAZY On Plane Over Man Eating & Drinking Without A Mask!

"Left Speechless" Journalist Drops FACTS About Pandemic During CBS Panel! Then CBS Edited Her OUT.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Trump WINS In Court Against Nancy Pelosi's Jan 6th Commission! Dems Are Out Of Control.

DOJ & FBI Target Biden Political Opponents--Steve Bannon & James O'Keefe in Their Sights!

Biden Admin Hit With MASSIVE DEFEAT, Vax Mandate Officially SUSPENDED, Corrupt Democrats Panicking - Tim Pool

Ted Cruz Confronts RADICAL Biden Nominee over His SHOCKING Tweets!

MORE LEADERS are STEPPING UP! The EVIL ONES arrest & shame us... it will not last! -AWK


[DS] Evil Exposed, This Is Not About Politics, It’s About Preserving Our Way Of Life X22


Troubling Video From Outside The Rittenhouse Trial - The Dan Bongino Show Ep. 1650

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Tucker: This is why Biden doesn't care about inflation

Enemy @ The Front Door,House Of Cards Tumbling Down,Shadow Government - X22


Adam Schiff Is PANICKING As His Role In Pushing Russia-Gate Is FINALLY Catching Up With Him!

11/11 ;)


Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Takes HUGE TURN After Judge RIPS Prosecution Team For VIOLATION In Court!

Best of Rifftrax Shorts - FARM ANIMALS (Humor Brings Balance ;) ) qp

Blue Öyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars (1981) - With lyrics.

Veterans Day service at Vietnam Veterans Memorial

#BREAKING: President Trump Releases URGENT Address to the Nation!

Why Did The Rittenhouse Prosecutor Do What He Did? - The Dan Bongino Show Ep. 1646

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

National Institutes of the Happening (More Dlux Vids at TORA3.COM )

Tucker: This is terrifying and unnerving


Federal Judge Halts Biden's Vaxx Mandate - Jimmy Dore

Kamala Receives Some VERY BAD News... Her Career Is OVER.

Democrat Frame Up of Trump Becoming Even Clearer Part 1 | Rudy Giuliani | November 10, 2021 | Ep 186

Killing Joke - I Am The Virus (Lyric Video) --- Hint: The VIRUS is NOT THE RONA..It's the MEDIA

Jimmy Responds To Anti-Vaxx Criticism & Corrects Record - Jimmy Dore

Ted Cruz Calls 'Bulls---' On Culture War Claims, Decries 'Left-Wing Authoritarianism'