Wednesday, April 22, 2020

They Fell For the Hoax Again! - The Dan Bongino Show®Ep. 1234


  1. Hello. I saw you in the Jim Watkins chat. Went to your channel and subscribed. You have a very interesting playlist of videos. Then I found the link for this site/blog. Nicely done. I also liked your Star Trek joke. I grew up watching Star Trek in high school. I had a friend who is still a hard core Trekkie. He even did some special effects modeling for one of the films.

    1. Thank You Fren.. I love the time I spend in Jim's room since overall his fanbase is/are kind and gentle folks. In my past I was not only a trekker but was the founder of and ran the Official Fan Club for the show Battlestar: Galactica (original series 79-80). Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to se ya again in Jims chat when I m able to make it.. I am most active on Twitter so feel free to follow me there ifya like ,, THANKS AGAIN! qp

  2. This is Geezermann, by the way.