Wednesday, August 7, 2019

QPATRIOT site owner (James Kingsley) considers doing a new radio show/podcast...

A little history of me (james) ...

...IN Case you didn't know in 2007 my first RADIO NAME used was "JOZ" on NowLive's Award Winning Podcast "WWJSNL" . From 2009 until 2014  I used the handle ADONIS KING on a BlogTalkRadio show "ALLXCAST" .. Which led to Hosting the show "Mindwars" for Resistance Radio (see video). 

From 2011-14 I was the Station Director for FIN RADIO NETWORK and I also Hosted a daily 6 hour talk and tunes show called "Wake The F Up" for FIN RADIO was a part of the Freedom Informant Network.. Let me know if you all would be interested in me returning to ramble at you again.  I am considering it.  PEACE!

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