Saturday, July 27, 2019

If you are here you are either interested in QANON , AMERICAN PATRIOTISM or Current News regarding THE GREAT AWAKENING from my perspective.

My name is James Kingsley and I have been following and studying QANON since approximately November of 2017 (20 months as of this writing).

At first I was curious but skeptical.

Much of the information Q was providing was factually true based on almost 40 years of study on sociopolitical and spiritual subjects yet the added info was so good I could not resist continuing to follow Q alongside many of the Bloggers & Q-YouTubers (each of whose perspectives helped me expand my vision regarding information presented and the power of this growing movement)

I did not at first have full faith in the movement being a skeptic by nature,

I had been taken in by LARPs (Live Action Role-Playing) before and I was not interested in being a "Part" of yet another silly game... BUT.. I could not help to become a believer after examining the reliability of the information and seeing the positive effects of this growing movement on the Patriots not only here in America.. but throughout the world.

I would not be so bold as to suggest I am an authority on Q.  I have always said "Only Q is Q" and thus other than "Q" (himself/themselves) I take DIGGERS, BAKERS and RESEARCHERS insights ONLY AS OPINIONS and not as 100% authoritative.

I am merely another voice of a Patriot who wishes to share my thoughts, feelings and understandings of QANON (of which I have many).. and since most social networking sites either censor Qanon or allow too few characters to fully express my views I have decided to begin this humble Blog on the subject.

I hope what I offer here will be of value since sometimes I will bring into play unique theories and ideas I feel are worth sharing with the group.

SO... WELCOME QANON PATRIOTS and any other interested persons.. Let us begin 
with a place to start if you are somehow NEW to Q.

Although Q began on 4-CHAN and later moved to 8-CHAN I don't think "Joe Average" is interested in wading through all the "crap" and "nonsense" and "tech-lingo" so I suggest the BEST SITE FOR Q DROPS IS (click to access),  You will find this site to be very helpful as it has an amazing amount of tools for personal research and study.

I will be posting as I feel led and you can also find me at my PRIME SOCIAL-NETWORKING SITE..  (I am not currently active on Facebook or Twitter as will be explained in a future post) so feel free to join and add me at @Hermit on PARLER).

Thanks for your interest and support...

James <3

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